Acne Stop Kit: The Star

Acne Stop

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(We recommend personalized kits through our DIY Skin Analysis.)

Hylunia Cleansing Lotion   1.7 oz

Extremely gentle and perfectly pH balanced for all skin types. Non-foaming and water activated, protects the skin’s natural acid mantle and moisture level. Organic, vegan and gluten free.

Green Tea Organic Serum Moisturizer   2oz

An organic non-clogging moisturizer, this product is light, healing, calming and hydrating with aloe vera, rooibos tea, willow bark, hyaluronic acid and green tea extract. Helps defend against pollution and environmental stressors with antioxidant effects of strong polyphenols.

BP 10% Gel Medication   2oz 

With the most effective acne fighting ingredients, works by delivering bacteria fighting oxygen down into the acne follicle. Reduces inflammation, comedones, blackheads, pustules, cystic, papules, oily skin and acne related post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Water based patented formula from Dr. James Fulton, MD, PhD creates rapid penetration and direct results.

The Famous Pink Buff 

For most people with acne, retention hyperkeratosis is part of the acne process. A manual exfoliation is the perfect treatment for retention hyperkeratosis and is preferred over a chemical exfoliation. A simple yet highly effective tool for exfoliating the skin. Wash with hot soapy water. The buff should be replaced every 4-8 weeks.