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1) What is your pore size?

This is the best kept secret in the industry! If the pore is small it has a small oil gland and produces less oil with the effect of dry skin. If the pore is large the oil gland is larger and produces more oil and oily skin. Look in the mirror at the pores at the top of your cheeks that are close to your nose. Use these pores to click your pore size below.

2) What is the general weather like outside currently?

3) Do you have flaky skin?

Truly dry skin will have small pores, no shine and little to no visible oil on the skin. With retention hyperkeratosis, which is a very common acne related condition, the skin will be flaky but the pores will be medium to very large in size, with some visible shine or visible oil. The skin will seem to be dry on top but oily underneath the flakes.

4) Type of Acne

Benzoyl peroxide kills all forms of acne and has the highest efficacy rate of ANY anti acne medicine by far. It is the least toxic and happens to be the least expensive as well. For some it has a side effect of potentially causing dry skin. But if it is paired with a gentle organic cleanser, and gentle organic non-clogging moisturizer, it typically will not cause dryness. Also NO toner or masks will help keep the skin from drying and clogging. Less is always more with acne skin!

5) Are you and your skin properly hydrated?

Using the top of your forearm pinch a large portion of skin and then release. Not enough skin to cause pain but enough to be able to see the skin retract back. Does the skin snap back totally into place in less than half of a second?

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