About Us

  Mary Freihofner The Acne Expert

          I'm on a mission to show people how to get acne clear skin.

I get it, I know the anxiety over dark spots, the disheartening feeling to see a new pimple in the morning, the embarrassment of having a red chin-because I started with adult cystic acne myself in my early twenties. I've passionately devoted my career to acne control and It's much more simple than the big manufactures want you to believe. Less is more with acne. Your clear skin is more than my job, it is my calling.

The owner and founder Mary Freihofner had teen acne and then at age 22 adult cystic acne. Every day of her adult life she had inflamed red spots on her face until her early 30's. It was when she started seeing an Esthetician that she began her life long passion to understand and control acne. At age 37 in 2004 she opened her first one woman salon, Acne Stop Skin Care Salon. Because of the prevalence of acne and her high standards of quality the salon grew to employee 7 people and help treat over 50k people.

Mary's role in the acne industry sets her apart as a substantial authority in the field due to her personal experience with acne and her over 20 years of hands on experience helping others. Mary's compassion for those with acne as well as her passion and education has helped many thousands of people achieve clear skin.

These kits and products are the culmination of 25 years of her acne experience and expertise into a product that is the best way to help an on line acne customer. Please make sure to read (and screen shot) your personal tips in the Acne Tips Quiz and to watch the FULL video so that you will have all your tools in place for clear skin now!